Michigan Premier Laundry

As a cooperative, it is ingrained in our nature to return value back to our owners – and all of our customers. This value-driven approach can be summed up in three words: Method, Price and Logistics.


Over the past five decades, MPL has developed a method that delivers superior service, quality and value to our customers, including:

Multi-Stage Process

Once we pick up your soiled linen, it enters our extensive process to assure it will be returned sanitized and finished to the highest standards.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Whether it’s the unparalleled quality produced by our steam tunnel finishing system or our convenient online ordering, we are continually investing in the latest technology to offer outstanding service to our customers.

Green Focused

The reusable products we offer not only bring value to our customers, but to the environment as well.

Textile Vendor Partnership

By partnering with a textile vendor, MPL brings additional value-added resources, such as improved linen replacement costs, on-line ordering & inventory tracking software (Linen Master), linen awareness days, and education.


At MPL, price goes beyond our competitive pricing. It encompasses the cost savings we bring to our customers, such as:

Laundry Equipment & Labor Replacement

When MPL manages and processes your laundry, it frees limited capital dollars for much needed revenue producing clinical equipment.

Inventory Elimination

Our linen rental program allows our customers to focus their resources on core business activities, rather than linen inventory procurement and management. In addition, inventory warehouse space can be converted to revenue generating areas.

Cooperative Approach

All of our customers benefit from the co-op relationship between MPL and its owners.

Proven ROI

On average, new customers save 20% or more over on-premise laundries by switching to our linen rental program.


MPL is the only centrally located, large-scale healthcare laundry in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. This strategic positioning allows us to provide customers with:

In-State Service

Healthcare facilities that work with out-of-state laundries are burdened by the added expense of long distance shipping. Because of our closer proximity to customers, we are able to drastically reduce shipping costs and pass those savings on to our customers.

Responsive Support

We provide 24-hour customer service with emergency orders filled within 24 hours for standing customers.