Michigan Premier Laundry

Michigan Premier Laundry staff, including a management team and 32 full time union employees, produces more than 15 million pounds of linen service each year. That is 130 to 150 pounds of linen per operator per hour each and every day. Our people are trained laundry professionals, dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations with prompt, reliable service.

Because MPL staffs the fewest management positions out of any similar laundry service in the United States and Canada, we’re not “top heavy” with management. We have added an employee incentive program that has increased our production efficiencies. We pass these savings directly onto our member hospitals in the form of a competitive per-pound charge.

MPL facilities showcase state-of-the-art laundry equipment, such as a tunnel washer system, updated folders, significant improvements in our soil sort department, and computers throughout the plant.  Over 8 million dollars has been invested in the past decade with more planned. This investment in people and cutting edge equipment directly affects our customers – we efficiently process linen, offering exceptional value to our customers.

We standardize most of the products we launder for our customers (although specialty items are available upon request) in order to streamline production and receive large-volume discount pricing when we purchase. Because our state-of-the art equipment allows us to process greater laundry volume, we are able to lower the overall cost we charge our customers for linen service. We’re not motivated by large profit margins; we’re motivated to provide the highest quality product at a fair, competitive price.